About Us

The “Cosmos Bioenergy” company produces and sells environmentally friendly fuels.
Our suppliers are only large and trusted manufacturers in Russia.

This allows us to deliver high quality products for an entire year in large quantities.

We have our  quality control system that help us to select only the best products for our customers. We offer premium quality products that comply with European standards EN + A1.

One of our advantages is that we are producers, so if you turn to us, you get the right amount, quality, tested products and low reasonable price.

We provide a full range of services: from preparing a contract and customs clearance to sending goods to anywhere in the world.


We control the production of our suppliers at all stages, to make sure that there is no binders used.

When our products are burned,  there is no harmful elements released, and you can be sure of the environmental friendliness of the products.

tel .: +7 (800) 522-88-88 Anton Moskalev (CEO)

tel .: +7 (800) 259-34-11 Anton Kodin (Executive Director)

tel .: +358 45 262 44 15  Lev Smirnov (Development Manager)